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Guide: How to ask for a pay raise?

Begin by carrying out a research As much as we would all love to earn a six figure salary yearly, your boss won’t hand it over just because…. Rather, find out if you’re being paid a fair wage within company standards by chatting with your colleagues and asking how much they earn. If that approach yields little or no result, you can turn to job adverts to ascertain the amount paid by competitors for similar job roles. After that, have a [...]


5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Workplace

It can be tough to tell if a workplace is going to be good or bad before you get a job there, but you should be able to tell pretty quickly once you’ve started work. This means that, unfortunately, you can only realise the mistake after you made it. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope at all though. While it might not be the best situation for you to be in, consider working in an unpleasant workplace as a way [...]