5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Workplace

5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Workplace

It can be tough to tell if a workplace is going to be good or bad before you get a job there, but you should be able to tell pretty quickly once you’ve started work. This means that, unfortunately, you can only realise the mistake after you made it. That doesn’t mean there’s no hope at all though.

While it might not be the best situation for you to be in, consider working in an unpleasant workplace as a way of gaining valuable experience. Another thing to keep in mind is that you won’t have a negative experience at a workplace just because someone else there did.

Below are the five signs of a toxic workplace. If a workplace ticks two or more of these boxes then it would suggest you should avoid working there.

Employees Are Dropping Like Flies

Obviously, when a company quickly runs through employees then this is a sure sign that the people working there would rather work anywhere else. If workers stay at a company for an average of less than a year then this should be a massive red flag. On top of this, when businesses don’t have a lot of long-term employees outside of the top ranks, this is another sign that things aren’t good at the company.

Good Performance Isn’t Rewarded

If you are constantly asked to go above and beyond and are never given anything in return, then you’re likely working in a toxic working environment. We aren’t saying that your work needs to offer direct quid pro quo, but every business should give to their employees as well as take from them.

If your boss was to regularly ask you to stay behind to finish work for example, but then doesn’t let you leave early every so often when you have a legitimate reason to, then you’re likely in a bad workplace. It’s similar to being asked to work weekends and never getting anything back. If a workplace is going to ask you to be flexible, then the least they can do is offer some of their own flexibility.

Employees Aren’t Socializing

When people are happy, they will talk with each other and have fun. Even if a business is strictly business during work hours, workers in a happy environment will talk during lunch and their coffee break. If employees are keeping to themselves and really talk, it’s usually a good sign that they aren’t enjoying working there. There’s no need for everyone to be best friends and spend lots of time together outside of work, but if an office is full of people treating each other like strangers then it’s a good sign it’s a bad place to work. Just remember, you want there forever.

Everyone Is Intimidated by the Boss

There’s a big difference between people having a healthy fear of their boss because, well, they’re the highest authority in the company, and genuinely being afraid of their boss. If an employee is clearly worried the little things they say and do may set off their boss then this is a major red flag. Take note of anyone worrying about being fined for little mistakes and minor transgressions.

People Run Out the Door at Quitting Time

Workers in a good company will arrive early and not be in a hurry to leave as soon quitting time rolls around. Even if employees punch the clock and are paid by the hour, they won’t expend extra effort to be around for the minimum required amount of time if they actually like their job.

workplace is going to ask you to be flexible, then the least they can do is offer some of their own flexibility.

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